listen to the Unravelled EP
listen to the Unravelled EP



The 'Unravelled' EP is out tomorrow!

Come out and celebrate the release of 'Unravelled' tomorrow night at Sneaky Dees! It's gonna be a party and everyone in attendance will receive a FREE digital download of the album. Doors open at 9pm.


April showers bring...May shows!

It's been a busy couple of months for the band and looking like it's gonna be a fun-filled summer too. We've got 2 big shows lined up for May. We're playing the Hideout on May 6th as part of CMW and May 17th at The Drake Hotel. We're super stoked and you can get to the event pages in the Live section below!

newspost gets a complete makeover

Welcome to the brand spanking new website. It's been a while putting her together but she's good enough for you to check out right now! Consider this the beta version...things might be weird for a little bit but we always work it out in the end babe. Hope you dig!


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